Melania Amuza

Melania Amuza

Corporate Legal & Compliance Director | E.ON

Melania Amuza is the Corporate Legal & Compliance Director of E.ON Group in Romania, a seasoned top level executive, with solid experience in business, regulatory and legal risk management in energy, and an active decision making partner in strategy definition/redefinition.  She has acted for 19 years at the highest levels in an international corporate environment,  Big4 consultancy and private legal practice. 

Her ability to manage multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams and to operate into different business models and industries (energy, industrial production/steel, retail medical, Big4 consultancy, business law) of great cultural variety (German, Italian, French, US, South-American, Central and Eastern European) led her to develop a blend of skills unique on the Romanian market. 

The key ability she developed in her career is to generate business strategies by understanding the dynamics of the factors influencing the industry, and to design tools to build alignment between such factors and the business, and thus ultimately shape the business environment.

Melania has a demonstrated track record and solid achievements in business transformation, business environment improvement, process and team optimization, M&A projects, international arbitration, policy formulation in energy, steel and medical businesses.  She is also a highly experienced and skilled authorized voice in relation to national governmental authorities and regulatory bodies, the European Commission and international financial institutions, energy professional associations, chambers of commerce and investor’s associations.