Marko Djinovic

Marko Djinovic

Secretary General | Ljubljana Arbitration Centre (LAC)

Marko Djinovic is Secretary General of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (LAC) where he is responsible for managing the work of the LAC and for overseeing the day-to-day administration of disputes referred to the LAC. Djinovic has been personally involved in several international and domestic arbitrations. 

Djinovic also holds the position of General Counsel to the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, where he oversees a number of lawyers and other non-lawyer personnel who are responsible for providing legal advice and counsel for specific areas of business. His areas of expertise include international commercial law, corporate law, international arbitration, and ADR.

He is Senior Expert Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce and the National Committee of Slovenia and an active member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR and the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice.